Fine fellowship for family and friends...that's what it's all about! 
Welcome to our Easy Living Experience((tm) stations website home online.. We are very thankful that our family and friends are here to celebrate quality programming. Easy Living Music Show(tm) and Easy Living Experience(tm)are the original creations and we are very thankful for these great traditions.Over time,they have evolved into Easy Living Musc Show(tm) format variation stations,specialty programming and Easy Living Experience(tm) format flavors(tm). We're thankful,honored & blessed to celebrate our dedication to the preservation of melody. We consider all of this to be an extension of the way we practice our religion...sharing special time spent listening together. Even though we may be far apart physically,we believe that the Lord's loving hand brings us together spiritually.Thank you.


Beauiful Music 100 PLUS: An easy living music show specialty show and/or block programming; Beautiful Music 100 PLUS is a great way to enjoy your day today..or your night tonight !
Beautiful Music Radio, featuring Beautiful 100 PLUS, is the home of Beautiful Music Radio 100 PLUS. We celebrate regular programming as well as Easy Living Music Show format variation station specialty programs like Music In The Grand Tradition,Melody Preservation Society,The Comfort Connection,Beautiful Music 100 PLUS,Melodies & Memories,Beautiful Music Melodies,Instrumental Artistry,House of B/EZ and more. We are thankful,honored and blessed to know that beautiful and easy music is quite wonderfully,alive here! It's wonderful instrumental music that is the heart and soul of the station and it brings us a great deal of comfort.


Classic music is part of a tradition and it is wonderful. Family and friends enjoy !


Welcome to the original light,easy,beautiful easy living music show(tm) station !


Celebrate the sounds of love forever true.We enjoy the greatest love songs of all time blended to deliver great vocals and a touch of instrumentals

Why are there so many names ? Well,over the decades of dreaming and doing,a layout of different offerings would be expressed by using different names of our program choices. It's the new way to incorporate the practice we used to set aside a stack of LP records,tapes and compact discs into different piles. We are trying to simulate the way we sorted music by mood,specific type of tempo or the inclusion of special engagement programming.We always strived to play our music the special way.And,that's what we are trying to do today!

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Light,Easy,Beautiful...Relaxing Radio...Music That Makes You Smile ? Easy Listening Stereo. Family and friends,it's a place to gather around the internet radio speakers for some fine fellowship. Enjoy our "easy living experience(tm)" and our "easy living music show format variation station(tm) on Live365.com


Live365.com and you form an individual customer relationship when using the Live365.com website because like you,we are LIve365.com customers too ! Family and friends,if you decide to become a Live365.com V.I.P./Preferred Member,please consider clicking the support this station link button on the Live365.com station homepage so our Live365.com customer fees will be reduced. Thank you very much !
God Bless You !
Our Family & Friends Connection:
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Family and friends,thank you for coming together to visit us as we share in the great traditions of fine fellowship.The purpose of all of the above different sound streams are to present different offerings so that we may connect with one another.. We believe that we can connect with one another on a spiritual level when we listen to good music.Instead of sitting in a family room and listening to music and enjoying fine fellowship in person,we connect in spirit.We come together even when we are far apart and celebrate a common experience just as if we were in the family room together.This is just a simple get-together a very low key sort of family and friendship get together that is part of our worship...part of our religion. Thank you so very much for listening.